Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mischeif Night

"Sandy!!!  Grab the eggs and let's GO!!!"
Sandy hardly had time to bask in the fall scenery, as she normally liked to do.  But who could ignore the loud swishing of the multicolored autumn leaves as she jetted across her former teacher's front yard, trying to catch up with her friends who already reached the getaway car.
"Hurry up or we're leaving you here to get caught!" shouted her friend Gomez.
Sandy was already running as fast as she could, but attempted to pick up the pace.  Suddenly, her feet landed in a mud patch, and Sandy slid all the way to the fence.  The weight of her upper body pole vaulted her over the wooden fence in true somersault style.  Gomez, who had the door opened for her, grabbed her one open hand and yanked her muddy self into the back seat.  Her friend Joy sped off before Sandy could even close the door.  The car raced away before their prey, Mr. Wittlesby, reached his fence's edge to see who egged his house and toilet papered his trees.  Peering through the rear window, Sandy and Gomez could see the shadow of an old man, swinging his hand over his head in anger.  But they didn't care.  The old man deserved it for the way he treated the kids in his classroom years before.
The foursome took a break from traversing back roads to look for their next target.  Here in Jersey, Mischeif Night is an annual tradition, and who wants to break with such a fun tradition??  But, with all of the "main targets" out of the way, the group was bored.  They couldn't believe there was nothing to do, nobody's house to trash, at 3:30 AM, on Mischeif night.
Suddenly, a couple of locals drove up to the group's unnofficial spot in the park.  It was their rival group of friends, headed by Mick and Audrey.  They came in covered in different colored paint and glitter, obviously celebrating the tradition in their own way.  Audrey came in with her usual gritty attitude, trying to one-up everyone's fun while Mick stayed by his car, a rusty 2000 Honda Civic, enjoying a clove.
"So, have fun eggin'up Mr. Wittlesby's?  How predictable..."
Joy retorted with, "You KNOW he's gonna be the main target every year, thanks to the way he treated Gomez as a kid."
"There were LOTS of teachers that disrespected you, Gomez.  You just for him because he lives in town."
"AND because he was openly racist." answered Gomez.  Even Audrey couldn't argue that.
"So, where are you losers headed next?"
Matt, Joy's boyfriend and shotgun passenger, answered nonchalontly "Going to Camden."
"What do YOU tools know about Camden?" quipped Mick.
Silence for a minute.  The truth was, these central Jersey kids had very little experience in Camden.  But they weren't about to let Mick and Audrey know that.  Matt shared confidently, "Joy stayed there a few weeks this past summer."
Joy gave a surprised look to Matt, but quickly responded with, "Yeah, I was visiting some cousins."
"Oh yeah, what street did you stay on?" asked Audrey.
Joy paused, and replied with, "It was right off "Martin Luther King Jr Blvd."
Audrey laughed so hard she spit out her soda.  "YOU...stayed off MLK Blvd?  YOU??"  She thought for a second, and then stated, "Pics or it didn't happen."
Joy immediately whipped out her phone, knowing full well there wasn't a damn picture on there outside of Middlesex county.  But her boyfriend stopped her hand, and said calmly, "We don't need to prove anything to you."
"Oh really?  You're such a selfie slut, you should have dozens of pictures in the hood."
"Where I stayed, the neighborhood wasn't that bad."
"Then I KNOW you weren't on MLK Blvd in Camden."  Audrey then started to walk back to Mick's car, and stated, "But I can't waste any more time with you fucktards.  We've got houses to hit."  The group heard the door slam shut as Audrey drove away and screamed, "DEUCES!!!" while Mick drove away in his rusty piece of crap.

Hanging out in and near Walter Rand Transportation Center, and consequently, MLK Blvd.  Meeting a homeless lady that Sandy recognizes from years before.  The lady told her to "keep her cracker ass away from her".  Then the lady took out what turned out to be a dead cat out of her bookbag, and proceeded to pet the cat in the station.  Never mind the foul stench of the urine soaked blanket she was sitting on.  For her, this was totally normal, and she was happy.  Sandy is jealous of her happiness, as it seems to elude her.
Hanging out in the local McDonalds.  Meeting Loida and her three kids, who the bunch ended up adopting for an hour while Loida visits her husband in the local lockup.
Sandy, getting separated from her friends, senses something weird behind her, walks faster, but the weird feeling persists.  Suddenly, a wolf looking creature with yellow glowing eyes comes out of an alley way to her left.  The wolf was waist high, all grey with thin black streaks on his back.  He let out a fierce low growl; at first, Simoriah thought it was directed at her.  Then the wolf directed its growl in back of her; she looked behind her and there were two teenagers walking close to her.  Though they were not menacing looking, it was troublesome, on Mischeif Night of all nights, to be walking so close to someone.