Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vacation Trip

This is just a test to see if there is a way to post content to this app without being connected to the matrix.
So far it seems to be working.  But I will find out soon enough.  Right now, I am on a bus heading towards Sauna Island.  And I'm figuring, this trip would make for an epic vacation tale.  Not sure if it.would be more "lampoons" style or "how Stella got her Groove Back".  for now, writing down details seems to be the priority. 
Like, when my cousin visited the Doctor at the hotel yesterday, and after hearing all of her symptoms, the doctor looks at her plain faced and said, with her limited English and Dominican accent, "The good news is..you're not gonna die.".  I had to laugh.  This is hardly consolation when you're throwing up blood.  *shakes head*.  Or, how today, we are to see the Caribbean sea.  On a catamaran.  and of course, the island decided to make up for the lack of rain last time by raining last night and today.  Hoping this cloud cover removes itself while we are on the island. 
The main character could be Gianna or Marianna.  They could be here with their loud, obnoxious family who likes to make themselves known anywhere they go...especially among the natives.  They could say obnoxious things like, "Why is everyone speaking Spanish here?" On a Spanish speaking island?  Happened to me.  Quite funny.