Thursday, October 17, 2013

10 Minutes of Silence

Walk outside
Inhale the garbage fumes
Exhale tension.

Sit down.
Whip out a cigarrette.
Try to light it
but the matches don't like fire
Suddenly, one match concedes
and my Marlboro is lit.
Inhale the tobacco tension reliever.
Exhale the stress of today.

Let thoughts escape.
Close eyes
Headache finally calms down.
No man to bother me.
No customer to annoy me.
No schoolwork to bog me down.

Watch the busy clouds roll by
They have work to do
Ignore the dumpster
or the stench of it.
Admire the Rowan Countryside
Thinkin' back to the easy times.
I looked forward to this?

Remember Roxanne
Think of the stupid things
The things we did in time free
And time free we had too much to be
enjoyable then.
I miss them.

Think back to....summertime
Dangle my feet off the firetruck ride.
But that wasn't good enough
Drive on 35 at 65 with Tina.
But that wasn't good enough
Stayin' out late on a date with my man, Tom
But that wasn't good enough.
So this is good?

Think of what has to be done.
Think of what has to be faced
And who gets honorable mention
on my shit list.
Think of the time
Look at the time.
See, it's time to go.
Say goodbye to the busy clouds
Put your memories away for another day
Flick your cigarrette.
Slowly, get your legs firm.
Go back to work.

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