Monday, October 14, 2013

More Ideas for the Novel

Very stressfull week at work.  11 hour days.  And yet, in my break time, the story is starting to take shape in my head.  Before, I could not imagine how the story began, or would end.  I took some inspiration from a few things.  For example, I could see in my head where Rose finally would get upset about being let go of her internship at a specific job.  She was so upset, in fact, she didn't want to go home and tell her dad.  So, she took the train from Long Island to Manhattan.  She had fun walking around the city, at night, doing things that were normally "forbidden" by her family.  She went to a nightclub and danced for two hours.  The bouncer didn't even check her ID!  After having a few drinks, she went into a pool hall.  It was there she met "Alonzo".  He was a tall, clean cut African American man, around 6 feet tall.  He was wearing dress pants and a dark gray dress shirt.  Rose felt that she could trust him, and so she told him about being in the city along.  He said this was a very dangerous thing for promised that he would show Rose around New York, and keep her safe.  Of course, that came at a price.  When he took her back to the hostel where she stayed, he insisted on sleeping with her.  This was her first time having sex, and she felt very dirty, and used.  Also, when he left, he tried to take her $$.  However, she started to yell at him outside the hostel, and this attracted the attention of a local named Scully.  Scully stole back the money for Rose, and "rescued" her by bringing her to his aunt's house for the evening.  She slept on the couch.  In the morning, she was woken up by the most handsome man she ever met.  His name was Dean.  He was 18, as she was.

I also figured out that I can somehow make it so that Dean sees a missing person's ad, and realized that he may be considered Rose's kidnapper.  So he ends up taking Rose back home.  Rose, of course, is unwilling to separate from Dean, but finally goes, if only to have Dean avoid issues.  Meanwhile, they pursue their seperate careers.  6 years later, they finally meet back up thanks to good old social media.

Of course, the logistics of it all, I am still trying to work in my head.  But it feels good to finally be thinking of the story again. Funny how this only happens the more depressed I am.

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