Monday, October 14, 2013

Lil' Sister

Inspired by Little Sister by Jewel

Hey lil' sister
going home to Mister So and So
knock knock knocking
on his door again last night
in a fit of rage
Threw your clothes on your floor
He hit you
And you went back for more and more
like a hurricane
Shining saddle on his doorstep
to rescue you
but you didn't take it
said you deserve the torture
of spring sunny days flashing before
like you've never seen
and will never get to enjoy them
like a child

Why does her mind wander around
with a confused passion
like a dragon or a demon
searching for answers
of the unknown question:
Who killed my mother
and my dear father
all in one fell swoop
like flowers drifting on the ocean
got some water
but 'tis not the right kind
Oh, no I don't mind that you
made me dinner of rice and cracker jacks

Whose that round back?
Go and answer the door
but 'tis the same
yet not like before

Bless your heart,
How did you rip your skin?
Where did it come from?
Where have you been?
I just took a walk round the big ol' lake
about a quarter to 4
then I saw a poor
little girl just walking alone
and you know after midnight,
it's not safe for little girls
with white lace bobby socks
and a little pink sundress
and long straight hair in pigtails
to go searching for snails
Sure enough, she fell,
and then let out a wail
But lil' Suzy
mama ain't here
she's having a beer
with Mr So and So
So you better get to
knocking on his door before
he slaps your momma some more
Maybe someday you'll receive
a reprieve from your crazy life
and enjoy a spring sunny day
like the kind your momma never had

It's too bad, so sad
your momma never knew
the gift she had in a little girl like you
until one Sunday in May
you ended up in a body bag
thanks to Mr So and So
and his drama
Knocking Up Your mama
one more time so they
needed you no more
another mouth to feed
and care for
But it was so easy
Just knock her to the floor
and let the maggots do the rest
Oh Lil' Suzy
you deserved
so much more...

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