Monday, October 7, 2013

You know, I should really write down these momentary blips of imagination...they could all congeal and form a fabulous story.

I remember reading in the "Complete Idiots" guide to Creative writing that  one idea doesn't make a novel.  You need two or three key pieces in a story to make a great novel.  So, like, as timeless and epic as I might see Rose and Dean, I simply got tired of writing about them.  Because in my mind, I had to pull everything out of my mind.  And as much as I have lived, my life isn't nearly as interesting as some people's.  Like, for of my LJ friends.  Her stepdaughter is living the life, moved from MN to northern CA all while couch surfing and working for various odd jobs and various odd people's.  Something I always wanted to do.  When I was 18, and didn't have any balls.  Hell it took all of my strength to go to college as far away as I did (2+ hours away.  From my entire world.  Scary.  And just what I needed.)  And also, I should have switched majors in college.  I knew I wanted to in my Third year.  But as with any other decision, I was made to feel that OF COURSE I was gonna finish college and OF COURSE I was gonna get a job, get married, have kids, because that's what people do after college.  They come home and make their parents happy.  So guess what.....this is going to be a novel on Road tripping.  WHY NOT include something about a failed life goal?  Dunno.  Maybe she couldn't complete the epic dream intern job.  Because her mom died.  Or someone important.  Someone essential to her being.  In my case, it was my brother.  But for her, it could be her "birth" mother, or something.  

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